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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Story Cubes! A new way to create your adventures?

I want to share a cool scenario generating tool I came across, while looking for a game for the kids. They are called Rory's Story Dice (not the same Rory from Doctor Who)

How it works
In a nutshell, there are 9, six-sided dice; each with a different image on each side. You roll all 9 dice, and arrange them in any order you want, to help you tell a story using the images as a guide.

I bought these originally for me and the kids to have some fun telling crazy stories, but I also have used them to develop some interesting ideas for scenarios. I just roll a number of dice, and see what develops.

I have found that even if I do not use all of the images on the rolled dice, that this really helps get the brain working in different, creative ways. I have come up with scenarios that I'm pretty sure I would not have come up with on my "own".

I bought mine for around $8, which I thought was very reasonable.

Anyway, I thought I would share this cool, imaginative tool with everyone.


  1. That's like an all the dice table, but the dice ARE the table.

    More stuff added to the wishlist.....

  2. Especially usefull if you use these templates to create a scenario:

    1. Totally useful templates. Thank you for sharing!